State Post Bureau: Promote the inclusion of smart express boxes and other public infrastructure in urban and rural areas
Sauna Night News (Reporter Cheng Zijiao) On April 17, Sauna and Yenet learned from the State Post Bureau that they should accelerate the construction of smart express boxes (letter boxes) to meet the needs of the public and promote an important change in the cutting-edge efficiency of the postal express industry.Ma Jun, the director of the State Post Bureau, won the case. During the outbreak, the smart express box (letter box) played an important role in ensuring “indirect contact delivery” and preventing cross-infection. It not only served the majority of users and consumers, but also served as a first-line express delivery service.Brother delivery provides convenience and reduces the risk of infection.It is necessary to instruct the postal administration departments at the provincial and municipal levels to coordinate with relevant local authorities to promote the transformation of smart express boxes (letter boxes) and public service stations into urban and rural public infrastructure construction and accelerate planning and construction.At the same time, it is necessary to form a joint force between government and enterprises, and clearly promote the direction of integration of smart express box (letter box) services; continue to accelerate the revision of relevant national standards and solidly promote the operation of smart express box (letter box) business licensing.The State Post Bureau also pointed out that the economic operation of the postal express industry in the first quarter was mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the return of work and production to return efficiently; second, the outstanding performance of market players, especially leading enterprises, optimized the market structure; third, new formats, new services and newThe rapid development of the model has continuously increased the development momentum; Fourth, the market players have concentrated their operating pressures, the government policy dividends have been released centrally, and the company’s ability to turn from risks to opportunities has been further enhanced.As of April 15th, postal companies and express delivery companies have shipped, and the materials for the prevention and control of outbreaks have increased by 27.14, parcel 2.9.7 billion pieces, delivery vehicles 5.30,000 flights and 566 freight flights.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Zijiao editor Chen Li proofreading Chen Diyan