Amiens in Ligue 1 cuts salaries by 16%, Su Chao slashes direct salary by half
In anticipation of the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic worldwide, Europe has become the main battlefield against “epidemic”, and European football has also been greatly affected.Today, the Ligue 1 club Amiens officially announced a 16% salary reduction for all employees, and Amiens became the first club to reduce employee salaries.Due to the recent suspension of most of the world’s leagues, the income of various clubs has increased, and some Ligue 1 football clubs have extended salary cuts. Amiens is the first club to implement this idea in Ligue 1.In order to further reduce the club’s financial losses, Amiens Club announced that all employees will be reduced by 16%, including the team’s first-line players.Before the league was suspended, Amiens ranked 19th in the Ligue 1 league and faced the pressure of relegation.Prior to the announcement of the salary reduction decision, Amiens Chairman Bernard Joanne consulted with head coach Luca Elsner and several first-team players every day, and finally decided to set the margin at 16%.After that, Sucha Hartz club owner Ann Budge also issued a statement, announcing that starting from early April, all full-time employees, managers, coaches, players and players will be reduced by 50% in monthly salary.The end time of this regulation is to be determined.In addition, Serie A also has this intention.Italian Football Association President Gravina was recently included in the interview, hoping to reduce pay cuts should not become a taboo topic.”We must have a crisis that will affect everyone, and our world should also have the ability to adapt.We hope that everyone can make a gesture of assuming great responsibility.”Gravina said.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Wang Xihuang proofread Chen Diyan