He has a lot of fate and shines in contemporary movies | Ye Wen
The poster elements come from the animated short film “Wagner’s Life”.Answer: A / B / C On February 13, 1883, the German composer Richard Wagner died.He played a decisive part in the history of German opera. He inherited the opera traditions of Mozart and Beethoven and started the trend of composition of post-romantic opera.Wagner ‘s opera is actually not an opera in the full sense, it should be called a musical, because he combines poetry and other artistic forms together, and also wrote a monograph “Opera and Drama” to replace the blueprint for “drama of the future”.He is part of the people’s minds now. He can be described as twists and turns in his life. His works were rejected and bought cheaply. If it is not for the help of a few friends, it may be difficult to create several famous works worldwide.But the brilliance of genius is hard to conceal, and the magic of Wagner’s music has finally been discovered. The shocking effect of the awe-inspiring work has made his music into the soundtrack of many film and television dramas in the modern era, and it has also affected the creation of many film and television soundtracks.One of the most famous is director Francis Ford Coppola, who used Wagner’s music in the classic “Revelation of the Apocalypse” anti-Vietnamese war.When the rumbling fighters transported American soldiers to Vietnam, Wagner’s “Valkyrie” sounded. The serious classical music and the bloody interweaving of the battlefield produced subtle and complex chemical effects.”Valkyrie” is the second part of Wagner’s masterpiece “The Ring of Nibelung”.The whole opera is divided into four parts: “Rhine’s Gold”, “Valkyrie”, “Siegfried” and “Dusk of the Gods”.This piece of music also appeared in the movie “Three Shots Surprised” directed by Zhang Yimou. When the folks at the beginning of “Mazi Noodle House” met, “The Valkyrie” sounded, and there was a sense of absurd comedy in this costume drama.In Chaplin’s film “The Great Dictator”, Chaplin replaced Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin”. As the name suggests, Chaplin mocked Hitler by playing the dictator.There is no doubt that Hitler is also a fan of Wagner music.