Li Yalin: Looking for a breakthrough in shape, always young Gao Zhanwu
In the 1950s and 1960s, Li Yalin also shaped many characters with epoch marks. He has a wide range of plays, passionate performances, and open and close emotions.He first appeared in reverse roles and intermediate roles. Later, the “Xu Qiuying Case” took him on the road of a positive niche, and Gao Zhanwu, a demobilized soldier in “The Young in Our Village”, made him a popular idol of a generation.After the 1980s, when he became a director, Li Yalin also dedicated to the audience such profound and timeless classic works as “The Corner Forgotten by Love”.Place of birth: Anton, Liaoning Province Age: 1931-1988 Work unit: Changchun Film Studio earnestly played a small role, and the first time he played decently, he shined.Because of a lung problem, it was not as expected, so he turned to the Beijing Film School (predecessor of Beijing Film Academy) actor class.During his studies at school, Li Yalin’s professional performance was quite outstanding. After graduation, he transferred to Changchun Film Studio.In 1956, he starred in the debut film “Tiger Cave”, playing a sinister and fierce enemy in the film, which also started the villain career of his early works. Later, he also mostly acted as a bandit, agent B and the like., Xilu is difficult to open.He also tried to play a role, but missed the actor of several films such as “Shepherd’s Son” and “Silent Mountain Forest”.Every time the audition fails, the director tells Li Yalin that your play is good, only.Many directors habitually use image as the first condition for positive roles, and Li Yalin’s appearance conditions have somewhat limited his development.However, Li Yalin has never stopped this. Even small characters are taken seriously, and every effort is made to make each character true and complete, and never be Facebook.Li Yalin’s performance also slowly attracted the attention of some directors. In 1958, director Yu Yanfu repulsed the public and invited him to play the positive role of investigating section chief Wang Liang in the “Xu Qiuying Case”.Too many people squeezed sweat for Li Yalin. After all, it was a positive character or male number one, worried that he could not cope.However, Li Yalin did breakthrough homework, grasping the character Wang Liang very accurately, and showed the wit, bravery, loyalty and other qualities of the chief of investigation well.Especially in his dealings with the spies, he constantly saw through the traps set by the enemy, carefully investigated, meticulously analyzed, to falsify the truth, the performance was very accurate, and shaped the image of a calm and brave public security soldier.The film made Li Yalin step into the ranks of positive students, becoming a turning point in his artistic career.After resonating with the times and making him a popular idol “The Case of Xu Qiuying”, positive characters played by Li Yalin appeared on the screen one after another.Coach Chen in “Sisters on Ice”, Scout Gu Dapeng in “Outpost”, and Liu Feng, the train driver in “Beacon Train”, and the role that really made him shine again is the 1959 “Our Village”Gao Zhanwu, a demobilized soldier in Young People.The film is a work reflecting the aspirations of young people to build a new socialist countryside. It tells the story of the leading actor Gao Zhanwu introducing young people in the village to change their hometown and pursue a better and happy life.Li Yalin has seized the core of this character’s character and the pulse of the times that produced such a character, and succeeded in shaping the image of a socialist new man who dares to think and dare, cares for comrades, is rich in sacrifice, and strives to build a new life.He played plain and natural, with a strong rural atmosphere and a distinct sense of the times, especially loved by young audiences and became a popular idol.Li Yalin plays Gao Zhanwu in “Young People in Our Village”.In order to experience life, during the shooting process, the entire film crew lived in a broken temple in Fenyang, Shanxi.Director Suri laid down his words to the actor: We are a rural play, so no one is allowed to wear foreign uniforms, nor to dress up in a frivolous manner, and they must be more farmers than farmers.The original Jin Di and Li Yalin, who played Kong Shuzhen in the film, are a pair of screen partners. They have collaborated three times in total. “Young People in Our Village” is the first collaboration between the two.Jindi told the sauna, Yewang: “He was very strict with me. I remember when I filmed” Young People in Our Village “. At that time, I was very smelly. The young people who started to study now also started to brush their black lashes. Li Yalin came over批评我‘孔淑贞能刷睫毛吗?Erase Erase!’Our relationship is particularly good, he is a good comrade, when he was acting like he was really living.”So, the characters in the film that the audience sees are almost all faced by the sun, which makes the audience feel healthy and true beauty.After the film was released, it was a great success, and the pair of screen partners Li Yalin and Jin Di were also selected into the 22 movie stars.I didn’t have time to go to Paris to receive the award. “I can work for at least another 10 years.” In 1975, Li Yalin was transferred from Changying Factory to Eying Factory together with his actor’s wife He Xiaoshu.Facing the new environment, Li Yalin had a calm thinking.He told his wife that when he arrived at a new unit, his past results would not count, and he had to do something for Eying Factory to be recognized.So, he soon arrived in the filming work.After the “Cultural Revolution”, he played roles in “Spring Tide”, “Peacock Flying to Ava Mountain”, and “Liu Anhua Ming”.In 1977, Eying Factory planned to make a film “Fair and Cloud in October” reflecting the smashing “gang of four”, but lack of lighting experts, Li Yalin went to Beijing with a colleague to second him to run the film preparation work.In the fall of that year, the film was successfully released, and Li Yalin, who had been busy with the film for half a year, played only a small supporting role in the film.In the process of being an actor, Li Yalin has slowly shown his talents as a director. At this time, some people have asked him to discuss his intention to direct the film.In 1981, Li Yalin and Zhang Qi co-directed his debut film “The Corner Forgotten by Love”. After the film was released, it caused a huge sensation. It reflected the theme and novel expression of the ruined rural forces on beautiful love, breaking through the film.The restricted area of creation brings freshness and vitality to the Chinese film industry that is entering the process of reform and opening up.After “The Forgotten Corner of Love” succeeded, Li Yalin basically did not act again, and his identity completely became a director.In 1985, Eying Factory was preparing to shoot the film “Bahe Town” reflecting the reform content, which was required to be completed within two months.This heavy responsibility fell on Li Yalin’s shoulders.Li Yalin’s high-level crew, known as “Desperately Sanlang”, turned around during the day and night. The on-site personnel did not control the artificial rain and the fireworks very well. He watched his anxiety and operated it himself, even jumping into the river to help push the boat.It was at this time that his previous director “Why I Was Born” won the Lion Award at the Paris Film Festival in France. The organizing committee invited the director to attend the award ceremony.At that time, it was a rare opportunity to travel abroad, but Li Yalin was not tempted at all.For him, completing filming tasks is far more important than going abroad to receive awards.The film crew worked together, and “Bahe Town” was completed in only 56 days.In 1987, Li Yalin directed and shot his last work “Well”, starring Pan Hong and Li Zhiyu.Li Yalin, who has always been healthy and energetic, fell ill during this shooting, but he still endured the pain and persisted, taking medicine while shooting, until his body was no longer qualified for work, after which his disease was diagnosed as glioma.Li Yalin, who has always been strong and optimistic in any adversity, took the hand of a friend and regrets: “I can work for at least another 10 years!”There is too much unwillingness in my heart.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Huang Jialing school against Zhai Yongjun